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ROCK BROS Kids Bike Helmet Toddler Full Face Helmet Detachable Ultralight Mountain Bike Cycling Helmet for BMX Bicycle Skateboard Scooter Child...

Brand: RockBros
I thought this helmet was going to be great for my 6yo who rides regularly, up to 15miles of northwest cross-country single track and beginner jump and slalom tracks. I liked the design and the fact that it was really light. The reviews seemed good enough. Here's where the helmet started not working out:-Fit out of the box was a challenge. I've spent my life as a professional in the outdoor adventure industry and have owned a variety of helmets since the 90's- this helmet wouldn't stay seated properly on his head and, unless I had the chin strap really (too) tight, it would want to slide back and expose his forehead and the chin guard would ride over his eyes. Related to this issue is that the straps/webbing slides too easily through the adjustment sliders over the ears so no matter how you adjust the pull, they just slide back.-The face guard doesn't come off easily. There's no directions and I didn't want to break it so we never took it off.I knew that this helmet wasn't designed for hardcore riding, and I bought it with that in mind. But with the fit and overall design, it had a lot of shortcomings and lacked features that made me feel good about letting my kid ride anything beyond a grassy lawn.After seeing and feeling how poorly this worked out, I ended up biting the bullet and got him the Bell Super 3R MIPS. It was costly but as with anything like this, it's cheap insurance and in my opinion, the better thing to do as a parent.
Not really a full face as the chinbar doesn’t even attempt to hug the cheeks. But it’s fun I guess. Serious riding we will put her giro back on.
My 5 yo grandaughter had a life threatening fall off her bike wearing a “safe” helmet. A freak fall that ended up nicking an artery on a rock. This helmet should alleviate any worry about that same issue ever happening again. She loves it! Bought a similar helmet for her twin brother as well.
My 8 and 10 year old boys are doing some pretty serious Mt. Biking and I wanted to help keep them safe. This helmet does protect your little one and it has the convertible feature. However, I would be afraid of injury with a major impact. After about a week of use the strap on one started to pull out of the helmet (Styrofoam). It snapped back in for a while but not too confidence inspiring. The other helmet lost the buckle from the strap as it was a bit chinsy. As I write this, months later, I'm wondering why I didn't just spend the money for better quality helmets. Their heads are worth it! My 13 YO daughter has a nice Giro Switchblade and I think we'll have to go that route.
It is. It cpsc certified and the seller/manufacturer answered my question saying it was. There’s also instructions, and the box wasn’t even assembled. This gives me no confidence that this was even tested at all. I’m looking for a helmet with a face guard since my little guy has a habit of falling on his mouth. His nutcase helmet is great and has cpsc stickers in it, but lacks the face mask.